Eliana, the oldest, is also our "old soul" of the bunch.  She does a great job looking after all her younger siblings wherever we are.  Eliana loves her friends.  She was a people person ever since she was a baby--she always had to be where we were and do what we were doing.  She loves spending time with her friends from school and church.  She loves dance and music, typography and design, clothing and style, baking and drinking boba, reading good books, watching TV and movies, playing tennis, and, of course, hanging out with friends!  Eliana's Bible verse is Psalm 121.

Famous Quote:

"Once I ate too much boba. It was amazing."


Angelina, the Dreamer, is number 2 just like her dad!  Angelina loves to laugh!  She is sweet, smiley, sassy and silly all at the same time.  She is a natural born dancer.  In fact, when we let Eliana choose her baby sister's name, she prophetically chose "Angelina Ballerina".  At age 2 Angelina was performing in a ballet recital when she forgot the routine and began feeling the music, interpreting her own little dreamy choreography.  Angelina loves her friends too!  She loves animals, reading books, riding bikes, shopping, and making up dance moves while she sings karaoke!  She love to team up with her brother to wrestle dad!  Oh, and did I mention, she loves to laugh?

Famous Quote: 

"I love boba."


Info about Buddy is coming soon!


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