When our friends, Fritz and Cindy Meier, invited our family to join the Gleanings staff, they asked, "Where do you see yourselves serving?" Of course Chelsea and I had different answers about what we were excited to be involved with.  One thing is sure, we will not be filling a singular position in the organization, in fact anyone who has been to Gleanings knows that every person there must be ready and willing to fill many roles. Certainly as time passes we will assume specific responsibilities and positions.  The beautiful part is that they are inviting us to serve and to discover how God can use us in new ways and with our existing strengths. 


One thing we are very excited about is that both Chelsea and I will be staff members.  So, this is something we will be doing together!  Even while serving in different areas we will be on the same team and working to support each other and the other staff members and families.  Chelsea is excited at the idea of using her writing skills for the organization and for the chance to encourage young women who come to serve at Gleanings.  Chelsea said, "I can see myself helping with the newletters and blog posts, and I envision myself mentoring and working with the Summer Staff interns."  We will also be continuing to homeschool the kids while getting the chance to work with them all around the campus.  My reply to Fritz and Cindy was, "You know I love connecting with people and working with students and young adults.  At the same time, I am always up to learn something completely new.  I want to be stretched and challenged!"  In the end, Chelsea and I are glad to be coming together and working toward the same mission and vision at Gleanings.  


One of our main tasks within this first year will be to build a strong support team.  I'll talk about this in more detail in an upcoming post, but no one is paid at Gleanings, it is a missions organization. So, Chelsea and I are responsible to raise all of our own financial support.  We will continue to reach out to you, our friends and family, to build a Support Tribe--even now we are working hard to include, invite, and partner with our supporters so that we are on mission together to feed people physically and spiritually.  Please consider joining our Support Tribe today by clicking here or any of the support buttons.  You can help us build our team--SUBSCRIBE, SUPPORT and SHARE!


During the first year, we will settle in, learn our roles, and lead in all of Gleanings' three main ministries:  dehydrated soup production, dried fruit production, and the Discipleship Training School (DTS).  Next Fall we will be participating in the DTS as a family, which will include the 12-week lecture phase, as well as the 8-week global outreach!  It is going to be an exciting year ahead!  Again, we can use all the friendship, prayers, and support we can get.  Consider a recurring donation of any amount, and set a date on your weekly schedule to pray for us, and finally mark your calendar to come and visit us!  We can't wait to share this mission and adventure with you!


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